The Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teachers’ Training is located at An-Najah’s Old and New Campuses

The faculty consists of classrooms equipped with computers and flat-screen monitors as well as internet services to enrich the learning environment and promote technology in education.

To match its programmes' learning and teaching outcomes, the faculty offers computer labs equipped with the latest devices for student use including three classrooms with smart boards.

The faculty also offers students with disabilities special facilities such as corridors in addition to course material using Braille system for blind students.

Moreover, the faculty offers a microteaching lab, a video conference room and a special room for students teaching aids.

The faculty provides its administrative and academic staff with offices equipped with different services and furniture to facilitate their work.

Computer Lab

The faculty has a computer lab equipped with 43 computers to help students ‎in carrying out their tasks in different courses. The lab offers internet service ‎which allows students to help students in their research and complete the ‎registration process.‎

Languages Lab‎

The Languages Lab was equipped and funded by the World Bank and was part ‎of developing English language methods programme project. The lab offers ‎modern technology devices including computers and other devices used to ‎improve students’ language skills such as speaking and writing.‎

Practicum Lab

The Practicum Lab provides faculty students with a smart board to develop ‎their teaching skills. The lab is also used to hold video conferences with ‎local schools or other educational institutions outside campus.‎

Micro–Teaching Lab

The Micro- Teaching Lab was equipped and funded by the World Bank and ‎was part of the Technology Education Methods Development project. The lab ‎has modern technology devices used for micro-teaching to support practicum ‎programmes of the faculty’s different specializations. The lab is also used to ‎link study rooms of different Palestinian schools with the university where ‎teachers and students are able to play and replay recorded lectures for ‎discussion.‎

Sports Complex

The Complex provides both ‎excellent ‎training facilities for students of the Physical Education Department, and recreational ‎opportunities ‎for students wishing to participate in a variety of fitness and athletic activities.

The Complex has a total area of 7,600 square meters and spans three floors. It is equipped with ‎‎some of the highest quality fitness amenities including:‎

  • An international, half-Olympic sized swimming pool with an integrated electronic system.
  • Outdoor courts for basketball, volleyball, and tennis.
  • Indoor courts for basketball, volleyball, handball, and badminton.
  • Squash, gymnastics, table tennis, and boxing facilities.‎
  • Fitness Center with fitness instruction rooms and multi-purpose rooms.‎
  • Two saunas.‎
  • Locker rooms and changing facilities.‎
  • Sound and PA system.‎