The Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teachers’ Training aims at ‎involving students in extracurricular activities and developing their ‎personal competencies and skills to shed light on students’ excellence ‎and innovation. It offers students the opportunity to be involved in ‎annual student committees which are supervised by a number of the ‎faculty staff members. The student committees are responsible for ‎holding several extracurricular activities, seminars and workshops on ‎different topics and hosting educational specialists to highlight different ‎aspects of their experiences.‎

Student Committees:

  • Tamer Al- Zagha
  • Imad Salem
  • Ahamda Al- Khateeb
  • Rasha Ghannamd
  • Raya Al- Khalde
  • Asmaa Jouma
  • Sho'aa Da'aas
  • Intesar Qatouni
  • Heba Tharefa
  • Areen Abu- Asal
  • Osama Al- Khateeb
  • Snarya Al- Naqeeb
  • Oqab Sarhan