Welcome to the Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teacher Training‘s Webpage! This page ‎provides more information about the Faculty, its departments, its academic programs, its staff and ‎its academic and non-academic events.

The Faculty of Educational Sciences was established at An-Najah National University in 1977, to ‎support the University in achieving its objective of strengthening the relations between the ‎different faculties and the students‏.

The Faculty is located in the old campus of the university and is equipped with a number of ‎specialized laboratories including the psychology laboratory, and an advanced computer lab for ‎teaching aids' workshops. The Faculty's staff and students conduct scientific research which serves ‎the Palestinian society socially and psychologically. The Faculty also aims at providing students with ‎the required competencies which enable them to actively participate in the community especially ‎in the field of school teaching‏.‏

The Faculty’s goal is to prepare competent teachers who are able to teach the new generation ‎using various teaching methods blended with technology in the teaching-learning process. It also ‎aspires to produce teachers who would contribute effectively to the local and regional community. ‎The Faculty provides academic programs such as teaching at kindergarten, Elementary, and Basic ‎level which qualifies the graduates to teach the first four grades of elementary schools. The Upper ‎Basic level Education qualifies the graduates to teach up to tenth grade at high schools. The ‎programs offered by the Faculty match the international requirements as well as the local ‎standards of the Palestinian Ministry of Education‏.‏