The Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teachers’ Training‏ ‏provides its students with practical ‎and theoretical courses that link academic and social aspects together.

The faculty aims at ‎preparing competent teachers who are able to employ modern teaching methods that link ‎theory with practice.

The faculty employs active learning strategies including:‎

  • ‎Community-Based Learning (CBL)‎
  • ‎Collaborative learning within groups
  • ‎Project-Based Learning ‎
  • ‎Moodle System
  • Technical and interactive methods ‎
  • ‎Case-Based Learning and hosting education experts
  • ‎Practicum and training courses
  • ‎Scientific field trips‏ ‏and extracurricular and classroom activities

Design and Production of Teaching Aids Course

The Teaching Aid Design Course aims at providing students with the required competencies ‎which allow them to learn more about learning difficulties‏ ‏at different levels. It offers students ‎the opportunity to adopt, adapt and create teaching aids that can be used as a supplement to ‎educational materials.‎

Inclusive Education Course

The Inclusive Education Course is designed to prepare competent teachers who ‎are able to teach students with disabilities and integrate them in mainstream ‎classrooms ‎ so that all students can learn and participate at one level.‎

Civic‏ ‏Education Course

The faculty adopts a community based learning approach in the teaching ‎process which aims at linking university courses with surrounding local ‎community. Therefore, it offers many opportunities for students to be involved ‎in various social services in the civil society institutions to bring depth to ‎students’ learning experience in voluntary work and dealing with people with ‎special needs.‎

Learning Difficulties Course

The Learning Difficulties Course aims at enriching students’ learning ‎experiences in dealing with cases of learning disabilities under special ‎education supervision in one of the Palestinian schools or associations.‎

‎Drifters and Outdoor Life

The drifters and outdoor life course aims at promoting students’ self-‎reliance and developing their camping skills‏ ‏through introducing them ‎to the outdoor life. ‎

‎Physical Therapy Exercises and Massage

This course aims at introducing students to physical therapy and ‎massage techniques and types, sports injury rehabilitation as well as ‎compensatory exercises. The course also aims at enriching students ‎learning experiences in dealing with injury cases in sports teams or ‎during practicing sports activities at schools.‎

‎Sports Injuries

This course includes sports injuries’ prevention, diagnosis, treatment ‎and rehabilitation. It introduces students to cardiopulmonary ‎resuscitation (CPR) first-aid measures and the common physiotherapy ‎treatment techniques for different sports injuries.‎

‎Leisure and Recreation

This course aims at enriching students’ learning experience and ‎knowledge about leisure and recreation activities, goals and ‎characteristics. It also familiarizes them to the different methods of ‎designing, planning and organizing recreational programmes for ‎different academic levels.‎

Mini Games

This course aims at introducing the students to the use of mini games ‎in various sports activities, their types and importance. Through the ‎course, the students learn how to deal with‏ ‏different educational or ‎learning situations in physical education classes.‎