The Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teachers’ Training provides highly ‎‎‎competent staff members and‏ ‏aims at developing their skills on different ‎‎‎academic levels‏. ‏

The faculty holds meetings, workshops and training programmes ‎to match ‎the ‎staff’s training. It also participates with the Palestine Olympic ‎Committee and the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports in different ‎conferences and seminars. Furthermore, some of the faculty staff are ‎members of the International Scientific Academy for Arab Sports ‎Development.‎

The faculty encourages its administrative and academic staff to enrol in ‎‎‎training courses to develop their professional skills and achieve the ‎‎‎programme’s intended outcomes‏. ‏It also encourages them‏ ‏to participate in ‎‎the courses offered by the Centre of Excellence in Learning and Teaching at ‎‎An-Najah. The centre offers them training on CBL courses and different ‎‎assessment strategies. ‎

Furthermore, the faculty participates in the workshops held by the E-‎‎Learning Centre, which aim at developing the staff professional skills in ‎‎utilizing technology in the teaching learning process to achieve high quality ‎‎education. ‎