in Amman, Jordan for an INEE and No-Lost-Generation “Teachers in Crisis Contexts Introduction, Contextualization, and Implementation “Training of Trainers. A diverse group of practitioners, policy-makers, academics, and teacher trainers attended the 5-day ToT at the Norwegian Refugee Council Regional Office to learn about, practice, share experiences, and contextualize the INEE Training for Primary School Teachers in Crisis Contexts training pack for the teachers they work with in the Middle East.


Dr. Kefah Barham, Assistant Professor at An-Najah National University – Faculty of Educational Sciences and Teachers’ training was among the attendees at the ToT. Dr. Kefah shared a wide range of experiences related to work that she does with teachers in Palestine and plans to use the pack in her own professional work with teachers. Dr. Kefah got the opportunity to meet with her colleague Paul Frisoli during their doctorate study. Paul FrisoliEd.D. – Senior Technical Advisor at the International Rescue Committee, and he was among the co facilitator for that workshop.

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